New Project: 8th & West Tower

Between the credit crisis, skyrocketing construction costs, and the slowing real estate market, we didn't expect to see anymore downtown condo projects for a while. Today, however, we were surprised to learn of another downtown condo project announcement.

Austin's Fortis development today announced a new 20-story 200-unit condo tower to be developed on West avenue between 8th and 9th. While virtually no other details have been announced, the public details are enough to generate public opposition to the project. As the project is in a low rise area just north of sixth street, the project pushes the frontier of high-rise development.

fortis development west 8th 9th condo

The issue is that the location is zoned for buildings as tall as 60 feet -- far less than the 250 foot height of the proposed condo tower. This decision may be a tough one for the city council: they need to decide on the boundaries of Austin's high-rise downtown. In the projects favor, it is within two blocks of the Nokonah at 9th and Lamar, CLB's proposed 33-story super tower on 7th and Rio Grande, and another project on 6th and West. As the developer points out, it is one of very few downtown blocks free of capital view corridor restrictions.

Here is the summary from the Statesman:

A new condo high-rise is being proposed on West Avenue between Eighth and Ninth streets, but residents in the neighborhood on the western edge of downtown have registered their opposition.David Cox, president of Austin-based Fortis Development, is seeking a zoning change to build a tower of up to 250 feet, or about 20 stories, in an area where office zoning now caps height at 60 feet. The project would have about 200 condominiums plus retail space.The zoning request is scheduled to go before the city's Planning Commission on Tuesday, and the City Council would have the final say.If all goes as planned, the project would break ground in the fourth quarter of 2008, said Cox, who also is a vice president with Cypress Real Estate Advisors Inc., which has provided some financing for Fortis, his new development venture.

We'll post additional details and a full profile when we receive them!