Question: What are condo buyers interested in? Answer: 360.

The growth of the site has been amazing over the last three months - we're now averaging nearly 1,000 visitors per month -- it's great to see so much interest in downtown high rise condo development.

On our home page, there is about 40 links. Interestingly enough, the link that gets the most click is not the blog or the project navigator or the condo project rankings. It's the link for the profile of Novare's 360 development. With 430 units across 44-floors, it's the biggest downtown project so far. With units starting at $190K, it's also the most reasonable. According to the developer, 75% of the units were under contract by the end of March, just 3 weeks after they went on the market.

The Austin condo market is so new that it is very hard to predict what will happen over the next few years. It's good to see that tall, well-designed, affordable projects in good locations are drawing so much interest and demand --- it bodes well for vibrant and dense urban core.