360 Rentals Hit Market Starting Under $2/SF

Earlier this year, the 44-story 360 condo project opened with most of it's 430 units sold out. A small number of owners held special investor deeds which allowed them to freely rent their units. Now, 20 units have hit the rental market with monthly rents ranging from $1,550 to $3,200.

20 units is a lot of units to hit MLS at once -- especially since they are being competitively offered by individual owners -- and the result is aggressive pricing on many of the units. For example, $1,550 will get you a 812 SF 1/1 on the 18th floor. $1,995 per month will get a 1,059 SF 2 bedroom / 2 bath on the 37th floor. These prices -- startingundert $2 / SF -- are very reasonable for a new downtown unit in tall building like 360. Plus, additional units are available on Craig's List.

With 12 units under $2,000, it's a good opportunity to live downtown and try condo life without making the full investment. While 360 is mostly sold out, some units do remain. In addition, 18 units are currently on MLS with prices ranging from $244,900 to $549,000.

Here are the units currently being offered on MLS:

Listings Now Available for Star Riverside

We've once again updated the listings page -- adding MLS Listings for Star Riverside. Whenever units are listed in the MLS, they will appear immediately on the Austin Towers listings page. You'll find the Star Riverside listings here:

Star Riverside Listings

Today, there are 6 units listed ranging from a 670 square foot 1/1 for $345K to a 935 square foot 2/2 for $517K to a large 2,315 square foot 3/2 for $1.37M. The smallest unit comes with one parking space and the largest with 2 spots. These units are expected to be ready for move-in in 2009.

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