NEW: Downtown Austin Condo FAQ

AustinTowers is very excited to launch a comprehensive Downtown Austin Condo FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) as a new permanent section of the site. The FAQ will provide a comprehensive overview of the emerging downtown Austin high-rise condo market by answering the most common questions facing condo buyers.

Here are the questions that are answered in the initial version of the FAQ:

  • How much does it really cost to own a downtown condo?
  • How much do condo fees vary?
  • Why are condos more expensive than single family homes near downtown?
  • What units make the best investment?
  • How big is the high-end condo market?
  • How easy is it to sell a downtown condo unit?
  • Who actually lives downtown today?
  • Do downtown residents actually work downtown?
  • How many downtown condo units are bought by investors?
  • Do MLS statistics accurately capture the current state of the downtown condo market?
  • What is being done downtown to promote affordable housing?
  • It looks like there is a ton of vacant sites downtown, will that effect values?
  • What is a good source for downtown condo listings?

If you have questions that are not included, please let us know! Just register and leave comments or send us an email here! To visit the FAQ, simply click here!